A successful real estate transaction begins with identifying and understanding your goals and priorities, as well as your risk tolerance. Each home seller has unique circumstances. You can count on me to listen to what is important to you and to tailor the process to meet your goals.




Simple improvements can work miracles and ensure that you will receive the most for your house, while selling quickly. Your realtor will help you focus on items most inclined to make a difference to buyers, while these are in no way an insult to your taste or preferences. If this process is overwhelming, I can point you to professionals who can help with cleaning, organizing and home decor or staging.

There are several forms and disclosures that need your signature before your home can officially be listed or sold. These include a listing agreement, a seller's disclosure notice, a lead-based paint addendum, a notarized T-47, and more. You can save yourself the trouble and write down what your monthly taxes, utilities and HOA fees are, as any interested buyers may request those. Being very organized and professional, I expect my clients to be respectful and provide documents timely when requested so that I can ensure the smoothest transaction possible for them, and uphold my reputation.

Focus on the items below and you're well on your way for a successful sale:

  • First impression
  • Nothing a little pain't can't fix (paint it anyways)
  • Let the sunshine in
  • Nobody is perfect (but repair those little things anyways)
  • Less is more

The power of first impressions is no secret, and the same goes for a home. Buyers love to feel that a house is well-maintained, kept clean and appears mostly clutter-free. Science has proven there's positive psychology associated with cleanliness and clutter-free spaces. So if anything, focus on de-cluttering and cleaning.

It might shock you to find out that MOST buyers have a difficult time envisioning living in a non-neutral color painted home, an empty house, and so on. Take into consideration that either this will affect the price, or you might have to make an effort to address those items to avoid lowering the price. Lastly, light creates an inviting feeling, so it's not a bad idea to open the curtains and drapes, and switch out your light bulbs with bright ones.




Get the price right before you list. It is a critical aspect in ensuring a successful sale. A comparative market analysis (CMA) report will be prepared by your real estate professional, providing you with facts and insightful local market information so you can set the right price. If you want to visually get a feel for the competition, attend a few open houses. I often preview homes and watch their activity closely, so I have a good sense for strategically pricing homes. Nevertheless, the price will be affected by your goals, priorities and ability to take on risk. Out of our control, certain factors will negatively affect your home's value (busy street, power lines, smaller gross living area) while others will have a positive effect (green belts, golf courses, community amenities, walkability, larger gross living area), hence our only option is to factor those into the price accordingly.




The right price is at the basis of a solid marketing strategy and will attract the right buyers for your house. Your agent can (with your consent) ensure targeted media exposure, while taking advantage of their professional network. For luxury properties, my marketing team will build a unique website to display your home in the best way possible, while your home will be in the spotlight for a worldwide audience to see.


Seller checklist: de-cluttered, clean room, neutral tones, curtains open, and lamps on!

Seller checklist: de-cluttered, clean room, neutral tones, curtains open, and lamps on!